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Pollution Prevention

As a manufacturer of industrial products, Chao-Chi has a responsibility to properly implement pollution prevention measures. Therefore we can create a pleasant working environment for our employees. Chao-Chi places great emphasis on manufacturing process improvement, and we constantly improve environmental pollution inside and outside. We have made a considerable investment in establishing a comprehensive dust collection system, that effectively improves our working environment.

Future Vision

Looking to future, we will always strive hard based on our existed foundation. We will dedicate ourselves to constantly develop higher level of casting products, Constantly upgrade our casting technology. In addition, we will introduce more advanced casting equipment and offer better services for our customers. We will keep moving together with our customers to face the challenges of enterprise competition now and in the future.

OEM Advantages

Chao-Chi has established a long term partner relationship with some internationally famous manufacturers. We manufacture and supply the parts to our customers, according to their required specifications, characteristics and quality standards. This gives an indisputable proof that Chao-Chi’s product quality has achieved the international quality level.